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Safety is more than certificates, it's in our culture

I had the opportunity to conduct the 2021 External Audit, and not only was their paperwork in order and well organized, a strong safety culture was reflected in the positive interviews conducted. The staff was happy to assist, knew how much the organization cared for their well being and was able to talk freely and openly about safety. S&T Energy Services Ltd. has a well rounded safety program that is fully immersed into their day to day operations. 


-Savannah, Safety Auditor 
 (excerpt from 2021 external audit) 

We employ a full time National Construction Safety Officer committed to ensuring that all safety courses, standards and procedures are current and in effect at all times.

Site audits  and inspections are routinely random to ensure safest possible work sites for our employees & customers.

We are very proud of our safety record and maintain rigorous programs and resources to ensure value and effectiveness. 

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